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Founded in 1979, Comanche Contractors has served commercial developers in multiple states as a premier general contractor. The company has evolved into a full-service commercial construction company offering design-build, project management, pre-construction, construction management, and general contracting services. Our extensive experience includes construction and renovation of office buildings, distribution centers, multifamily homes, retail centers, hospitality facilities, and automotive dealerships.

We simplify construction complexities by assisting clients with facilities planning, design, and construction management.

Comanche can remember when deals were made on a handshake and a man’s word was his collateral. Today, we continue to operate with the same core values of honesty and integrity. Our primary goal will always be to exceed the needs of our customers. Our corporate philosophy is built on teamwork; an attitude that begins at the leadership level and is passed on to employees, subcontractors, and ultimately, our client.

Quality Through Partnering

The Quality Through Partnering process begins before breaking ground and continues throughout the life of the project and beyond. All parties involved are treated like partners, having the chance to share their expertise and make suggestions in an atmosphere of cooperation. Our commitment is clear, from start to finish we do the job right.

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