Pre-Construction Services
Comanche unifies design, engineering, and construction into a single discipline known as Design for Constructability. This is an interactive process with one goal in mind – the creation of a project that meets or exceeds a client’s needs and expectations. By working as a team, from conceptualization to completion, Comanche identifies potential bottlenecks and recommends alternatives to facilitate cost and time savings.

We provide comprehensive estimating and scheduling services, ensuring an accurate cost model and timeline, meaning fewer surprises.

Comanche maintains a high level of communication with the owner and subcontractors to ensure superior quality and functionality of the completed facility.

Construction Management
Construction Management (CM) services allows the client to retain control of the project while placing the day-to-day decisions and dealings with contractors in the experienced hands of Comanche’s CM team. With Comanche as a representative through the design and construction phases, the level of risk is greatly reduced. As an added benefit, overlapping design and construction helps reduce project costs.

Designed around a “partnering approach” that fosters a win-win situation for all parties involved, our process is committed to quality service and dependability. 

The comprehensive design-build process combines the construction and design aspects into one entity. Comanche has several long-lasting alliances with specialty architects to meet your specific project type (medical, office, manufacturing, hospitality, etc.).

Various architectural drawings are developed as Comanche helps define function, budget, and schedule. The design-build option also allows construction to overlap part of the design process, thus saving the client valuable time and money.

The key benefits to Comanche’s design-build service is that the design and investment will be decided upon before construction ever begins, leaving the client in control with a clear understanding of the project.

General Contracting
At Comanche, we see general contracting as an opportunity for innovation. With each project, we encounter new situations and develop new relationships. From tilt wall construction to complete renovations, Comanche continues to rise as an industry leader in originality, distinction, and service.

Project Management
The project management process coordinates the time and financial impact of all architectural and engineering decisions through the construction documentation phase. Our project managers oversee every step of the construction process. As a result, all challenges are handled in real time, avoiding delays and increased cost. 

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